What is Living Like Lexie?

As a seventeen year old girl, I’ve learned a thing or two in this crazy thing called life. I’ve made mistakes, and learned a lot from them… and I know they definitely won’t be the last. But I’ve recently decided that if I need to learn from all these cringe-worthy moments, maybe some other wandering souls out there can take some comfort in my advice and learn from it too. If even one person is affected by what I have to say, this whole blog will have served its purpose.

Now I’m not promising any Earth-shattering revelations! I am what most people would consider an “average teenage girl” after all. Yet, being the observant person that I am, I couldn’t help but notice that many teens my age are searching for a way out. To go someplace new, try extravagant things, and take the artsy-ist damn pictures you’ve ever seen! So, my friends and I have gone on adventures all over our city. We’ve discovered many things within our society, and ourselves, that I plan on sharing here. For those of you who are searching for a good time to a good coffee shop, I have you covered. And for those who want someone to sympathize the urge to get out and explore, I’m here for you!

So stick around and see what adventures Living Like Lexie has in store for you.

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