A Weekend in Berlin

Back in June on my foreign exchange trip, the group I was with spent a few days traveling around Germany. Our first stop was in Munich, and from there we headed to Berlin.

We started our time in Berlin by taking a boat tour, where we went down the Isar river and listened to the history of Berlin. Unfortunately for us, we forgot sunscreen so everyone ended up with lovely red sunburns. We spent a significant amount of time editing those out of the pictures!

Right after we got off the boat, we hopped on a bus tour. We stopped at the Berlin Wall where we saw the graffiti artwork showing the stories and feelings of the German people before, during, and after the reunification of Germany in 1989.

The next day we started off with breakfast at a little cafe called Oxymoron. It was surrounded by many other shops and apartments. I love that in Europe and in all of Germany the cities are always full of surprises around every corner.

On the note of coffee, I swear it’s about a hundred times better in Europe. It’s so rich and smooth. I could go on about it for hours. My new favorite type of coffee that I found during my time in Germany is a Latte Macchiato.

After our coffee stop, we went shopping at Bikini Berlin. My friend Avery and I thought it was actually a bikini store and were super pumped to get some new swimsuits. It ended up just being the name of the mall because of the way that it was shaped (sigh).

Across the street was the Kaiser Wilhelm church that was bombed during WWII; it was never completely rebuilt so we stopped there as well.

To end the last day of our short trip to Berlin, we checked out the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag. The Reichstag is the official government building of Germany.

Although this was a short stop, I was able to see a lot of the big things in Berlin. Whenever I go back in the future, I hope to be able to explore more of the lesser known parts of the city, and most importantly — try more coffee!

24 thoughts on “A Weekend in Berlin

      1. Ha! No, no surfing. But the the coffee, the dairy, the beer there (XXXX) was AMAZING! The food was always fresh and light! So many different types too because of all the different people groups there. New Zealand was so beautiful too. Good times!

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      2. Isn’t interesting that everywhere else in the world the food is always so fresh and healthy. Why can’t it be that way here?? New Zealand and Australia seem so incredible!

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    1. Thanks for the follow back😉 haha! Yes the coffee is by far my drink of choice in Europe. I really loved Berlin and it’s interesting dynamic. I can’t wait to check out more cities in Germany and Europe overall.

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  1. I went to Berlin in December and I loved it! Great pictures☺️ My family is from Germany so I always wanted to visit. I’m learning German right now and I am planning on studying there in a couple of years to be a nurse. It looks like you had a great time!!!

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    1. Oh my gosh wow! Haha that’s crazy how much we have in common🙉 My family also is german and I’m studying german too! I’m hoping to study abroad there in the next 2 years for international business. What was your favorite thing/ place in Berlin?

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      1. That’s so cool! One of my favorite things was observing the cultural differences between Germans and Americans, it was quite interesting. I also thought it was a great experience seeing the Holocaust Memorial. My grandmother was in the Hitler Youth so I’ve always felt kind of attached to the Holocaust and Germany if that makes sense. What was your favorite thing/place in Berlin?

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      2. That’s so interesting that your grandma was in the hitler youth. Those stories must be very intense. I really enjoyed the history when I was there as well. I think one of my favorite things in Berlin was going to the Reichstag late at night with my friends and overlooking the city.


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