Taking a Moment out of Every Day

After Labor Day, I started my Senior year of High school as a PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) student at the University of Minnesota. As amazing as it has been these last few weeks, I’ve definitely noticed that it’s harder to find time to balance out my school work and personal life with such a rigorous course schedule. 
I found this quote that says, “Drink some coffee and pretend you know what you’re doing”. This just seems to be completely accurate for my life right now. 

With all of the changes happening, I think it’s so important to just stop thinking about everything that has to get done, and take a quick breather. No matter what I have going on in my day I make sure to allow myself that moment to relax and let go of all of the anxiety I have inside. Usually, that involves some coffee or tea (surprised?), a good book, or watching Netflix. 

Along with taking that time, it’s  good to be lighthearted and enjoy every moment, good or bad, even when you don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes the surprises that life sends you are the most rewarding! 

There is always going to be new changes, but it’s how we make the best of those bumps in the road by taking a moment to reconnect with ourselves that really impact our journey.

What do you do to relax? What has helped you when life has gotten crazy?

A penny for your thoughts? 

7 thoughts on “Taking a Moment out of Every Day

    1. Thank you! That’s what I most often do too to relieve stress and really calm myself down. I think music is especially comforting because we can find songs for any mood.


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